What is CorreCoching?

It’s a fun and sociable way to get out of the house and into shape after you have had a baby. We exercise in fresh air, first doing a low impact aerobic workout and then gentle toning using simple pieces of equipment- your pram being one of them. Meanwhile your baby is near you so there is no need to pay for a babysitter, express milk or worry about your baby while you do an activity for yourself.


The price of each class is 5 Euros if you come to both classes in one week you only pay 3 Euros for the second one - all proceeds go to charity! We will nominate a "charity of the month" each month - this month it is Haiti.

Cada clase cuesta 5 euros, si asistes las dos clases en una semana solamente pagas 3 Euros para la segunda -todo el dinero va a ayudas solidarias, la primera Haití, y las siguientes se decidirán entre todo el grupo.

Class times

Monday/lunes 11h - 12.15

Thursday/jueves 11h - 12.15

Meet under the Arc de Triomf

Quedamos debajo del Arc de Triomf

Remember to check this blog on the day of the class for last minute changes/cancellations - we are English so will do the class in most weather (we are used to the rain!) and one of us should always be able to come but check here just in case.

No olvides a leer este blog el día de la clase por si a caso tengamos que cancelar al ultimo minuto - somos inglésas y harémos la clase incluso si hace mal tiempo (estamos acustombradas al lluvia!) y una de nosotros siempre tendria que venir pero es mejor confirmar aqui por si a caso.

jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010

Free bags!

It has been an exciting week all round for CorreCoching, not only have we had two sunny classes and the return of Becca from Madrid, but we have also had a bizarre encounter with some slightly “friki” but very happy Polish engineering students and their pet crocodile, we have been visited by CorreCoching founder Zoe and we have finished February on a high with more people then ever in the classes.
March is going to be even more exciting as we have the fantastic promotion that if you introduce 2 friends to the class during March you will get a FREE CORRECOCHING BAG! We both have one of these bags and can assure you that, as well as being extremely stylish (!) they are also useful for transporting nappies, food, blankets and the mountain of other stuff that babies seem to need just to leave the house.
Also Wednesday is going to be “picnic day” – if the weather is good and you have time then bring a sandwich to the class and when we have finished the hard work we can all sit and have a good chat while the babies roll or crawl or walk or wriggle around on blankets.
Exciting times and this is only the start of it……

Ha sido una semana emocionante para CorreCoching. Hemos hecho dos clases con sol, Becca ha vuelto de Madrid, también hemos tenido un encuentro con un grupo de bastante "friki", pero muy feliz estudiantes de ingeniería de Polonia y su mascota cocodrilo, hemos sido visitados por CorreCoching fundador Zoe y febrero ha terminado con más gente que nunca en las clases.Marzo va a ser aún más emocionante, ya que tienen la fantástica promoción que si introduces 2 amigas a la clase durante marzo podrás obtener una BOLSA DE CORRECOCHING GRATIS! Nosotros tenemos una de estas bolsas y puedo asegurarte que, además de ser muy elegante (!) también son útiles para el transporte de pañales,comida, mantas y el montón de otras cosas que los bebés necesitan para salir de la casa.También el miércoles va a ser "día de picnic" - si hace buen tiempo lleva un sandwich a la clase y cuando hayamos terminado la clase, podemos sentarnos un rato y charlar mientras que los bebés juegan en mantas.Días emocionantes y hay mas...................

miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2010

Become a fan of CorreCoching!

Correcoching has joined the modern age and is now on Facebook - look us up and become a fan!

¡CorreCoching tiene Facebook - buscanos ahi y hazte admirador(a)!

Oh and get ready for an exciting new promotion coming in March.....

lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

Dreaming of summer!

So I suppose we should be happy again that at least the rain waited until after CorreCoching today but I am starting to think that the weather really dislikes us, where are all the lovely sunny Barcelona days when we need them?!
Still, to the faithful few who have braved the wind, cold and rain to be with us just think that when, in a couple of short months, the sun comes out for real and "operation bikini" panic begins, you will already have your bikini body all ready and waiting to go to the beach. Now all we need is some sun!

Supongo que tendriamos estar contentas que la lluvia esperase hasta depues de CorreCoching hoy pero a vecces pienso que el tiempo no le gusta CorreCoching! Donde estan aquellos días tn soleadas de Barcelona?!
Aun asi, a las que han venido a las clases a pesar del viento, lluvia y frio simplemente pensad que en pocos meses, cuando el sol salga de verdad y el panico de "operacion bikini" comenze ya tendráis el "bikini body" listo y esperando la playa! Ahora solamente falta el sol!

lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010


Well, another rainy Monday in Barcelona - at least the rain waited until we had finished the class today though!
If you didn't make it to class today (or eve if you did) remember that you can incorporate a bit of CorreCoching into your everyday life.....those of you who have been at the classes will know exactly what Becca's regular shouts of FST mean (and if you don't know then you will just have to come to class to find out!)....remember that FST doesn't just apply during the class, you can walk with good posture anytime so no hunching over that buggy, be proud to be a CorreCoching mum with your shoulders back, tummy in and, ahem, pelvis tight!

lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010

Is is February already?

Where did January go?!
OK it seems that 10am on a Monday is a bit early for most of you so we have changed the time of the class - it will now start at 11am so no excuses for not being there! The Wednesday class will still start at 12.45 and we meet under the Arc de Triomf for both classes.
For those of you that go to the group at Mujer, we plan to go there after the class so maybe we can all have a well earned chat and coffee there while the babies play!

OK, parece que lunes a las 10h es un poco temprano para la mayoria de vosotros asi que hemos cambiado la hora de la clase - a partir del lunes siguente empezará a las 11h y no no hay excusa por no esta ahi! La clase de miércoles seguirá empezando a las 12.45 y quedamos debajo de Arc de Triomf para las dos clases.
Para las que van al grupo en la tienda "Mujer" vamos a ir ahi despues de la clase - quizas puedamos tomar un cafe y una charla mientras los bebes juegen!